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Han 's rubber industry company has been committed to provide employees with an international, diversified development platform, to give the staff to contribute to the company and development opportunities.
Han 's rubber industry the company has a large number of professional management resources, such as orientation and daily job counseling, technical communication, such as special training course can help employees to constantly improve the professional ability of the individual, and with the support of hr department and immediate manager to achieve your goal in career management.
Han 's rubber industry the company is committed to provide full participation and mutual support working environment; Encourage personal creativity, trust, respect, dialogue and team cooperation established on the basis of daily human relations; Let employees take responsibility, to deal with the challenge of incentive, to provide support, to ensure success; Often provides training and on-the-job coaching, develop the ability and potential of the staff; Be giving full play to the advantages of diversification, the truly international company, and to put safety critical position is the fundamental element of great achievements.
Company staff is Han 's rubber industry the most valuable wealth. Company is committed to provide opportunities for growth and development for employees, help employees achieve success, to give the staff to contribute to the company and the development of every opportunity.