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Domestic outfit adhesive need to know the choose and buy

The present building materials market is very competitive, all types of domestic outfit with glue is also emerge in endlessly, in domestic outfit, paint and glue is one of the biggest sources of pollution, so can need not glue, do not have to use, but there are some inferior glue to deceive consumers, all in the name of environmental protection small make up for in domestic outfit now, also some of the commonly used some glue so all control and choice.
Glass glue
Must be used in domestic outfit, we can to building materials supermarket to buy some high-grade products, won't cause too much pollution. Glass glue should be one of the most frequently used adhesives in decorating, we all need to use it in many places: installed mesa, closestool, glass assembled, basin installation, etc., but most of the owners are not to buy, but let the installer to use their own, which often bought after the hidden danger, inferior glass glue is not only delicious, but also moldy, fracture, fall off in the future.
In addition, there is a kind of acidity glass glue, use was very stimulating smell, its cohesion is strong, for some materials and corrosion resistance, be careful when buying, if not necessary, don't buy. Glass glue and different color such as white, transparent, black, usually transparent glass glue can be used in most place, home can choose the color.
White latex
In domestic outfit in the carpentry work will generally need to use white latex, currently on the market some of the new green white latex, formaldehyde and benzene class material release can be controlled to low range, as long as to buy this kind of white latex, in the home can be used in moderation.
309 glue
Also known as all-purpose adhesive, almost don't have to use, if the worker puts forward to use this glue, can see if there are other methods instead of the glue.
Compound floor installation, is likely to be used, but in fact as long as the lock of the floor structure design is reasonable, the floor quality pass, installation is not need to use glue, so when buying a floor board also should pay attention to whether the installation time need to use glue.
Stone glue adhesion agent
General installation USES natural stone material, basically is inevitable.
Wallpaper glue
Must be used in paper, should choose the special water-based wallpaper powder, mixed with water, a lot is made of extracts from plant roots such as potato, less pollution.
Ceramic tile adhesive glue agent
Do not use in the home, the glue is only used in some of the exhibition hall decoration, pollution is larger.
107 glue
It is forbidden to use. At present, the various types of glue on the market, quality also each are not identical, suggest you directly to the large building materials supermarket to buy, try to choose the most environmentally friendly, both to protect their own health, but also environmental protection dedicate a force for the society.