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White latex

White latex paste intensity is high, has many characteristics, such as durability, good stability, wide range of adhesive used for wood, paper, etc.
(1) of the base material surface processing, make the base material surface, no oil, dirt and other impurities. Bonding surface must be fully contact.
2. The coating shall be uniform in moderation.
3. Will be, room temperature curing oven heating, the highest temperature should not exceed 120 ° curing time varies due to the temperature, can decide according to the actual situation.
4. When the pressure, the pressure should be enough, pressurized wants even, should be pressurized 1.5 hours, should be dominated by a period of time after unloading. To achieve better bonding effect, it is best to 24 hours after pressure relief for processing, tests for 72 hours.
5. Can be used mixed with some resin, urea-formaldehyde resin, phenolic resin, three gather hydrogen ammonia resin, etc., in order to improve water resistance and creep.
6, white latex adhesive, using temperature shall be not less than 7 degrees Celsius; Not resistant to high temperature, more than 95 degrees Celsius, will be led to the decrease of the strength of rubber.
Seven, according to different purposes, white latex can be diluted with water, but it needs to heat up to more than 30 degrees Celsius, and slowly add above 30 degrees Celsius water stir well before use, do not use cold water dilution below 10 degrees Celsius.
8, after use, should be lid tightly, in order to prevent skinning, can spread a layer of water, stir well when used. And add a little before using hydrochloric acid, can improve the curing rate.
9, mixed with other hydrophobic resin into a two-component products, improve the bonding strength, water resistance and heat resistance, shorten curing time.
10 overall is environmentally safe, white latex, but can not be swallowed or splashing into eyes. If accidentally touch the entrance or eyes, immediately use large amounts of water.
11, not white latex will pour into the river, or the sewer, lest cause pollution or sewer blocked, the residues after use, let stand for storage, after being dry film with solid waste disposal.
12 and stored, must be stored in a cool, dry, the temperature of above 5 degrees Celsius environment, tight tank in more than 12 months shelf life. Storage and transportation should be light, light put, prevent inversion, extrusion and exposure.