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OEM (the Original Equipment Manufacturer) is socialization production, the cooperation under the trend of a kind of way, is also a resource one of the effective ways of rationalization, is the result of socialization production. In Europe, there have been established in the early 1960 s the nature of the OEM industry association, OEM production trade has reached 350 billion euros in 1998, accounts for more than 14% of the gross value of industrial output, OEM production has become an important part of modern industrial production. With further speed up the development trends of economic globalization, OEM requirements, may choose OEM suppliers in a larger scope, especially to processing and manufacturing cost of countries and regions.
Economic competition is becoming more and more to the global expansion, brands and channels increasingly reflected in the actual commodity eventually value the important role of OEM manufacturers mark way central plains interlinear notes are illustrate the importance of this point.
People in the economic competition is more and more realize the importance of brand, because only set up a good image in the consumer, to win more support of marketing channel partners to pass with channel partners work together to make our products to a wider range of consumer groups.
Therefore, Han 's has been actively establish a partnership with the leading enterprises in all walks of life, with Shanghai boulder building materials easily, the United States, Saudi Arabia and some domestic top national and regional companies to maintain close relations of cooperation. Fully illustrates the asaps production capacity and product quality.
Han 's people firmly believe that: standing on the shoulders of giants, we will see higher and further, in the brand and the development path, we will be more and more stronger!