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Product research
Innovation is the soul of the enterprise. Asaps) pay attention to product research and development investment, set up a large r&d center, has a resident with doctor, master, senior engineer and expert consultants as the core development team. The company also with the domestic and foreign famous universities and research institutions to carry out technical cooperation, research and development of high performance of new environmental protection building materials chemical products.
Healthy environmental protection is the eternal pursuit. Asaps since it was founded, the dragon to beautify and protect household environment, customer satisfaction as its own duty, is committed to offer consumers more professional, more environmentally friendly, healthier, more trust of building materials chemical products. Admiral asaps chemical choose high quality raw materials, from the source products harmful material, to a minimum. All products use "net aldehyde" science and technology, the production process do not add formaldehyde and benzene series matter, and through the multi-layer chemical physics process, filtering harmful volatile impurities of adhesive solution, regardless of the construction site or environment no stimulating smell. Health and pure and fresh, the real from inside to outside to bring you pure natural living space, let the family away from pollution, safe and healthy.