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Han 's rubber industry takes win-win cooperation, altogether will create the principle of harmonious society, to have a social responsibility of the enterprise or business to provide domestic outfit system, industrial system without formaldehyde glue, PVC glue, sealing glue, such as finishing adhesive series of water-based glue technical training and guidance! We solve the technical problems of the production process for you, for your various USES of product research and development, we try to provide customers with a full range of service solutions!
Han 's rubber industry since the date of establishment, to provide customers with timely, high quality service as a fundamental tenet of the company. Asaps, we think, the company's reputation is not only based on provided for the customer, on the basis of advanced and reliable products, more on asaps) of the company's technical strength and provided a wide range of high quality service for the customer. Therefore, asaps companies to build and have a very skillful, all aspects and multi-level system integration, chemical product development, technical services team, in the construction engineering, systems engineering, domestic outfit industry production system service and application development, etc, has the abundant technical strength, with a number of senior technical experts. Asaps companies at every stage of the project can provide users with perfect, reliable and timely after-sales service and technical support