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Technical guidance

- slow dry white latex products
Reason: low solid content, high air humidity, low temperature, coating thickness, glued moisture content is too high
Solution: choose high solid content of glue, air humidity is more than 85% when crossing construction, temperature below 5 degrees when crossing construction, glue cannot be too thick, sticky material moisture content control in the range of 12 to 14
White latex products - stick, not adhere to, come unglued
Causes: 1, not solid white glue dry, put pressure on the glued content objects move. With the early white glue not viscous force, only after the dry solid can reflect the strong cohesive force, so would stick, not adhere to, come unglued.
Solution: to glue, glue again before to remove sticky on the surface of the object
2, the reason: not to be sticky: usually the glued area is larger, or glued not level off when that happens.
The solution: glue again
3, the reason that the non-uniform pressure: the pressure to the stuck place, where no pressure not adhere to it.
Solution: homogeneous and continuous pressure
4, causes: the weather is too dry, the use of high solid content of glue, when making large area coating, before adhesive glue has dried, so not adhere to it
Solution: to reduce the construction area or with solid content is relatively lower
White latex products, shading, color is darker
Causes: 1, veneers floor quality is poorer, thin;
Solution: choose sheet note, with a good plank, choose face thicker (see three layers of this don't change color).
2, the reason: paste resin with uneven;
Solution: pay attention to use good glue (asaps light color plate special glue), good glue water less, fast dry, less black
3, causes: put glue is a long time in one position, the white rubber sheet after moisture absorption, in rotten black spots. (phenomenon of black spots, check whether the quality problem of the glue is very simple, pour two cups of water on the veneers of unused, kanban is black. Such as black, proved plank; if not, is the problem of glue.)
Solution: construction personnel pay attention to decrease in rubber, coating evenly.
White latex viscosity change
The reason:
(1) the temperature change: the higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity
(2) the storage time: due to the thickening ability polymer, the longer the storage time, feel the higher viscosity
(3) storage time: due to the thickening ability polymer, the longer the storage time, feel the higher viscosity
Solution: Han 's products, viscosity control within a reasonable range in 25000-33000, and the requirement of national standard of viscosity is 8000-15000